So we have all seen the ice bucket challenge, movember, and the neck minute challenge where people have had to finish their drink in one go and nominate friends to do the same. All great ideas to raise awareness for different causes that have went viral through social media.

So the idea of the pay it forward project is to share your experience through social media of buying a homeless person a meal, and having a chat with them and creating a positive buzz through social media encouraging others to do the same thing.

In 2015-2016, 34,662 homeless applications were made in Scotland. I am sure you can agree that this is a shocking statistic. Around half of all homeless households are headed by someone under the age of 30, and female homeless applications are usually made by women under the age of 25. On 31st March 2016 there were 10,555 households in temporary accommodation in Scotland, with 2,884 households with dependent children and pregnant women, and 5,224 dependent children across Scotland in total. Over half of all homeless applications were made due to a relationship breakdown or being asked to leave the home. This misfortune could happen to anyone of us, and that person you next cross on the street is someone’s mother/father, son/daughter, brother/sister, and friend. People who are homeless have come into some bad luck along the way whatever that circumstance is, and often many homeless people have low self esteem who often feel that they have no self worth with no one to talk to.

So your aim the next time you pass someone homeless on the street, is to stop and have a chat to them, buy them a tea/coffee and/or a meal and make them feel noticed in the world. You will most likely improve their day, and feel better about your own as well. Let’s come together and create a positive energy that spreads throughout social media and nominate friends and family to do the same.

Don’t forget to use the hashtag to share your story #wearethechange and #payitforward.