We Are The Change

We Are The Change are a non profit making organisation, which was set up to help try and tackle key issues in the community. We believe that by coming together we have the power to positively affect and change peoples lives, and together we can help each other come through tough issues faced in life. Everyone goes through troubled times at one point in their lives and by looking out for a family member, a friend, or a neighbour, hopefully one day they can also return the favour. We will be putting on fundraising events and auctions to help raise money and awareness for people in need as well as raising awareness for key issues such as suicide, depression and homelessness. You can keep up to date with our projects through our projects tab above.

If anyone knows of a case where WE ARE THE CHANGE could help, or if you would like to help us out with any of our fundraising you can contact us via email at barry@wearethechange.help or call us on 07543189593.



We run auctions on the auction page to raise funds for the families that this charity supports



We accept all sorts of gifts and donations to assist with us providing the best support that we can



See the events page for upcoming events and activities that you can come and see or get involved with